We should all be excited that one of the greatest Dallas Cowboys of all time is being honored, but of course this has us asking other questions.

The Dallas Cowboys All Time Sack Leader Is Going Into the Ring of Honor

It was announced yesterday that the 23rd member of the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor would be DeMarcus Ware. For eight seasons as a Dallas Cowboy, Ware was a force to be reckoned with off the rush. He finished his career as a Cowboy in 2013 with 117 sacks. He would go onto play another three seasons in Denver and earn himself a Super Bowl ring while he was there. DeMarcus deserves to be up in AT&T Stadium with the rest of the all time Dallas Cowboys greats, but so does someone else.

At This Point...It's Bulls*** Jimmy Johnson Is Not in the Ring of Honor

Two years ago, Jerry Jones announced that Jimmy Johnson would be going into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. We all finally thought the hatchet was buried between these two. After all these years they can finally look back on the good times of those 90's Dallas Cowboys teams and not how it ended between them. I assumed Jerry meant Jimmy would be going in that season, nope. How about the next? Big nope once again.

The First Non-Jimmy Johnson Player Going Into the Ring

Since 2005, six of Jimmy's players that he drafted have gone into the Ring of Honor in Dallas. Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Larry Allen, Darren Woodson, and Charles Haley (Haley was a trade and not a draft pick of Johnsons). Darren Woodson went into the Ring of Honor in 2015 and after that we all said Jimmy has to be next. You can't put in one of the 2000's players before putting Jimmy in.

Jerry Jones Says Otherwise

"I think that it's very important to realize this is DeMarcus' time, this is his year," Jones said. "He's a player. Jimmy's not. Ok? And so I wanted to put him in because it's him and I wanted to put a player in."

Jerry what the f*** are you talking about? If we're making the argument that this is DeMarcus Ware's Hall of Fame year then Jimmy Johnson should have gone in back in 2021. That was his year Jerry!

Sadly, This Is What I Think Has to Happen

Tom Landry was inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor in 1993. This was in the middle of the season after the Cowboys won their first Super Bowl. I think Jerry has been waiting for the Dallas Cowboys to win without Jimmy Johnson to induct him into the Ring of Honor. Technically the 1995 Super Bowl was without Jimmy, but he built that team in the years prior. Everyone said Barry Switzer won the Super Bowl with Jimmy's team.

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I think the Dallas Cowboys have to win a Super Bowl for Jimmy to go in. DeMarcus Ware was drafted over a decade after Jimmy Johnson was fired. Put him in Jerry! We all want Jimmy to walk into AT&T Stadium and get his earned spot in the Ring of Honor.

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