This thing drove by me this morning and this mythical unicorn of a car needed to be shown to the world.

I am already prepared for, 'Hey looks like you were on your phone while driving' comments. Yeah, I took this photo illegally. I would have gladly taken the ticket from a cop to get this photo again. This van pulled out in front me right near my house today and I couldn't believe everything going on.

First, let's start out with the massive tailpipe coming off this thing. It sticks out of the right side of the vehicle and looks like it should be on a dragstrip car. It is not a loud obnoxious one, but no way you would ever miss it driving down the road. That is honestly why I took this photo to begin with, but then I found more.

Stereotypical naked lady mud flaps on the back of the car. Mud flaps are three things, naked lady, playboy logo or angry Yosemite Sam. Those are what you put on your vehicle if you get some. This person doesn't want mud on the back of their van, maybe don't want to get that big old muffler dirty. But these mud flaps are not on right. Those are supposed to go in the wheel well behind the tire. They're just attached to the bumper of the van.

Update: After posting this, the owner of the van reached out and tells us her name is Peggy. And apparently ol’ Peggy gets around, as seen in this video sent in by a listener:

We have some strange cars in Wichita Falls. You may remember a while ago we asked you which one is the most random Wichita Falls car. This van reminded me I never told you the winner of that poll. Congratulations to the 'Not a Drug Dealer' Truck, you're the most random Wichita Falls car. However, big old muffler van I think needs to be added to this list.

Logan via craigslist
Logan via craigslist

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