Dilophosaurs spotted above Kemp Boulevard this afternoon, be on the lookout.

No spoilers here for the latest Jurassic World movie, but we do have to talk about the new Jurassic World toys. Anybody who knows me, knows my favorite dinosaur of all time is the dilophosaurs from the first Jurassic Park movie. It's a damn shame this dinosaur has only been in two movies.

So anytime I see a toy of this girl, I want it. However, these toys are not the same ones from my childhood. Back in the day, the old Jurassic Park toys actually shamed kids for not having legit dinosaur toys. I will never forget the tagline, "Look for the JP mark". Get those dollar tree dinosaurs out of here.

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All these years later, toys are advancing and your action figure can't just be an action figure. Everything has an app nowadays, by the way download ours above. The Jurassic World toys do something cool. They put the dinosaur in the room with you on the phone.

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By the way, the toy company knows what they're doing with these things. They show you all the toys you don't have when you scan them in the app. Trying to catch'em all like Pokemon over here. All the toys have these back panels you scan to get them in augmented reality. It was pretty cool to put a dilophosaurus on top of our studio. I will be snapping photos all over town with this thing.


By the way dilophosaurus slander will not be tolerated.

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