Let's go back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the world...but you also need a car wash.

Looking for unique things to talk about today and stumbled on to Jurassic Wash out of Austin, Texas. Austin likes to keep things weird, but this awesome. If I was a kid I would scream to go to the dinosaur car wash if I knew this was a thing. Hell they have a freaking T-Rex spit water at your car before entering the bay.

Come on getting your car washed is boring. We all see when All American does their Haunted Car Wash in October they have a line around the block to get in. Imagine if you had a themed car wash 365 days a year? Jurassic Wash is where it's at.

Plus they have little animatronic dinosaurs to play with once your car is all cleaned. My only complaint is that the dilophosaurus doesn't spit the water at you. That dinosaur in Jurassic Park literally spit at people, plus we all agree that is the best dinosaur ever.


Looks like Jurassic Wash is in South Austin. I normally wash my car before going on a road trip. I think I am now obligated on my next trip to Austin to drive dirty and get a wash there. Who doesn't love dinosaurs and a clean car? It's a weird combo, but it somehow works.

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