I know where I will be eating if I am ever traveling.

When you think of Dallas Mavericks basketball, the first player that should come to mind is Dirk Nowitzki. By the way, this is not a shot at Luka Doncic. If he keeps the pace he is at and stays a Maverick his whole career, I could seem him passing Dirk. However, playing 21 seasons with the same franchise just does not happen everyday. We love Dirk!

If you're as big a fan as me. You want to Dirk to get every accolade possible. Dirk already has the road outside of American Airlines Center named after him (Nowitzki Way). Now it looks like Dirk will be getting his own restaurant inside of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Appropriately called 'Nowitzki.

Not a lot of details have come out yet. We do know the restaurant will feature food from his home country of Germany. Also some of Dirk's favorite breakfast items and cocktails. Listen, I was planning on eating here anyway. You get me some German schnitzel and sausage, I will be getting to airport even earlier. The restaurant will be located in Terminal C and is set open in the summer of 2023.


Apparently the uniform employees will wear will be adorned with Dirk's iconic fade away jumper. I am that crazy sports fan that eats at all these sports themed restaurants at the airport. Dallas/Fort Worth International already has a Dallas Cowboys Club and Drew Pearson also has one as well. Maybe my Dallas Stars can get in on the fun as well in the future?

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