This is just one of those days at work that you will NEVER live down. "Hey remember when you drove through the front of the store?"

We all have a story from a job where an employee had a mistake, granted it was a big mistake. At my old restaurant, I had a server take a kid the instant eggs that come in a carton instead of milk. He just grabbed a carton without looking and I never let him live it down. How do you not notice that?!

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Looks like an employee at the Dollar Tree on Kemp Boulevard had a pretty big mess up last night. Thankfully no one was hurt for this mistake because someone could have been killed. According to Times Record News, an employee forgot to clock out last night from their shift and were coming back to do that. Don't know what happened in the parking lot, but the employee drove their car through the front door.


Checking out some of the photos Times Record News shot last night. The Red Fiat almost took out the Snack Zone. NOT THE SNACK ZONE! Thankfully the store was closed when this happened. So if you go to the Dollar Tree on Kemp Boulevard today and wonder why the door is messed up. This is what went down last night.

Remember to drive safe and to not go through the building of your employer.

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