If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. - William Blake

The quote above, from a poem written in 1793, was part of the inspiration for Jim Morrison to name his band 'The Doors.' Doors also seem to have provided some inspiration to one Wichita Falls man. Unfortunately, instead of creating music, these doors just created an arrest record that keeps growing.

Last April, Austin Blaine Kimbro was arrested for stealing doors from other apartments near his own home in the Indian Falls Apartments. At the time he said that he stole them to replace his own doors and planned to pay for them eventually.

Kimbro is again facing jail time for theft, but this time he's moved past doors and instead was caught with a stolen motorcycle. According to KFDX, during a routine call on Grant Street, Wichita Falls Police saw a motorcycle speeding and on the wrong side of the road.

When they pulled the bike over, it was obvious that it had just been spray painted red. Kimbro also had red spray paint on his hands. He told police he had gotten the bike from a friend but didn't say the friends name.

Police took Kimbro in for driving a stolen motorcycle. He is currently charged with theft over $2,500.