Duke University has a very passionate fan base for college basketball. When an opponent is shooting a free throw they will do anything to get into that guys head. What they did last night was just plain wrong.

So Duke is playing North Carolina State on Thursday. At this point in the game Duke is up by 18 points. Duke commits a foul on North Carolina State guard Tyler Lewis. He goes to take his shots and what does he hear coming from the crowd? How's your grandma?! How's your grandma?!

Now if you did not know the back story to this you would think it be like one of those mom jokes that people do. Well last Friday night Tyler's grandmother actually passed away. So I guess some Duke fans found out about this and started a chant. This is messed up I am all for getting into an opponents head, but a week after the mans grandmother passes is just wrong.

Watch Duke University's Chant Below: