Did you know that St. Louis county has the most bigfoot sightings in Minnesota? It would make sense as it's a big county and offers plenty of wilderness. The sightings are recorded by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. The sightings are followed up by volunteer investigators who try to rule out other possibilities to give legitimacy to the sightings.

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I did a little research today and found some of the most convincing stories that can make your hair stand up. It's easy to say that bigfoot doesn't exist, but why are there so many stories that people tell who have nothing to gain? I personally know a story of a hunter near Cook, MN who believes he saw bigfoot. He was so shaken by the experience that he never went hunting again and avoided the woods. That story was never registered with BFRO, but similar stories have taken place.

November 1997 Near Floodwood MN

According to this account on BFRO, a hunter heard something clumsily walking through the woods. By the sound of snapping branches, he figured it must be a bear. The witness then reports seeing what looked like "a gorilla standing on two legs with thick long hair." It let out a strange unrecognizable howl and then ran quickly in the opposite direction. The hunter then quickly left the woods and hasn't been hunting since.

April 2018 Near Cook MN

A motorist was driving north on Highway 73 near Cook MN. He reports seeing a large brown creature sitting on the side of the road in a grassy area in the ditch. When the vehicle came within 120 yards of the creature it stood up and walked across the road. He estimated the creature to be 7-8 feet tall. The follow-up investigation reveals further information. The witness was an experienced hunter and described the smell in the area as the "foulest, most rancid body odor you could imagine." In fact, the smell lingered for a half an hour as he returned with his daughter to show where the sighting had happened.

September 2012 Near Virginia MN

A bear hunter was checking on his bait stations in the morning when he saw something tall, gray/white running through the woods on two legs. At first, he thought he was seeing things but then continued to hear it run through the woods. The hunter says he was too shook up to go out to the bait station and waited until he had a friend with weeks later to receive his baiting sign.

August 2012 Undisclosed Location in St. Louis County

An experienced trapper encountered tress broke off at 4-6 feet off the ground and hung in the "crotches" of other trees. His initial report did not offer much information, but after speaking with an investigator many more details came out of another encounter. One of the scariest occurrences was a tree knocking incident. On August 12, 2012, the witness was out picking mushrooms when he heard a loud series of three knocks nearby. The knocks had a rhythm and weren't from a woodpecker. At first, he thought it was his brother messing with him and yelled towards the noise. He walked further and hear the knocks again. It appeared the knocks were moving parallel with him. He described it as the weirdest and freakiest thing that has happened to him in the woods.

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