Popular "Dancing With The Stars" pro Tony Dovolani reveals in an interview that he needed some professional help after dealing with one of his more difficult partners on the show.

Appearing via satellite with Anderson Cooper on "Anderson" airing today, Dovolani, who has not yet won the overall competition, was very straight forward about his feelings on the show and his previous partners.  But it was Anderson Cooper who got the ball rolling on Kate Gosselin,

"I always feel bad for you because you got stuck with Kate Gosselin. I remember watching her dance. I'm still traumatized by that experience."

To which the pro dancer replied that what he and Gosselin did cannot be called "dancing".  Dovolani also said that there was a lot of therapy involved after working with Gosselin.

Even though Dovolani said it with a smile on his face and a bit of a laugh, you have to wonder how serious he is.  A big moment during that season of the show was Dovolani becoming so frustrated with Gosselin during rehearsals that he quit and left.  There were also insiders who said that Gosselin had a diva attitude from day one, treating others as though she was the biggest star there.

Seems like Gosselin isn't making any new friends in her various ventures to provide for her eight children.  I wonder how long it will take her to break down and go the road of Octomom, showing some skin to pay the bills.  Gosselin's reputation hasn't been good for quite some time now, originally appearing as an unsupportive, overbearing wife on "Jon and Kate Plus Eight".  Is Kate's reputation unfair, or do you think its pretty spot on?