Anderson Cooper

Conrad Murray Calls “Anderson Cooper 360″ and Things Get Weird
Conrad Murray, the doctor responsible for the death of Michael Jackson, is making headlines again and this time its for his singing talents. Murray is spending four years in prison for killing MJ and a couple days ago, he called into Anderson Cooper 360 to break his silence on why he didn't testify in MJ's wrongful death trial and once again insist that he is innocent and in the process of appeali
Grumpy Cat Meets Anderson Cooper
If you've ever wanted to make sounds at a pitch high enough to shatter every window in your apartment, rejoice! Video is up of Anderson Cooper snuggling with the face that launched a thousand memes: Grumpy Cat.
Anderson Cooper: "I’m Gay"
Ending years of speculation, Anderson Cooper announced this morning that, yes, he is gay. Read on for his official comment and why he decided now was the right time to publicly come out of the closet.