Part-time Texan Elijah Wood was in his second-home of Austin, TX for the South by Southwest festival and expressed his hope for more films to be made there.

While promoting his new film 'The Trust', Wood spoke about his love for Austin, dating back to the late 90s when he was there filming the sci-fi/horror film 'The Faculty'.  His brother lived in the area while working on video games, and Wood fell for Austin staples like the Alamo Drafthouse and the sci-fi festival, Fantastic Fest.  A few years ago, Wood bought a home in Austin and has been a regular figure at the yearly SXSW festivals,

It just got to the point where every time I would come here, I’d have this overwhelming feeling of ‘I belong here, why don’t I live here?'  Austin’s a really special place – it has everything you’d want out of a big city… and yet, it also feels like a small town.

Wood identified high production costs and a lack of tax incentives for filmmakers in Texas as a key reason for the lack of productions coming to the state, calling it a missed opportunity with the studios, crews, and film school graduates already in Austin,

On a local level, people know their sh*t.  They’re super enthusiastic for film. It just makes sense that it’d be a place where film was made.

Recently, a federal appeals court ruled that the state has the right to deny tax incentives to any productions shot in Texas that they feel portrays the state in a negative light.  

via Texas Standard