It's a day most couples will never forget. The day you pledge your undying love to the person you have chosen to be with for the rest of your life. For one Nocona man, it was a day he would wear his heart on his sleeve for all to see.

Here's a little back story.

Ethan Dishman and Madison McNeal first met on Instagram back in May of 2015. They're not quite sure who followed who first, but after exchanging comments back and forth for a couple of weeks, they finally met in person.

"The night I met her face to face I knew she was the one for me," Ethan said. Four months later, they were officially a couple. From then on they were inseparable, they couldn't stay away from each other. They were living out of suitcases at each other's houses, so they decided to just move in together in January of 2016.

Over the next three months, Ethan and Madison's relationship blossomed. "We learned a lot about each other," Ethan said. "A whole lot. And learning all the new things made us fall harder and harder."

It was on March 3, 2016 that Ethan decided to ask Madison to marry him. Here is his description of how the proposal went down:

I finally came home from 3 days straight at work with no contact other than texts and phone calls (we both worked EMS full time so we rarely saw each other). Little did Madi know I had a surprise tucked down in my pocket. We had plans to go to a concert that night when I got home (aka date night for us!) We stepped out into the driveway and I couldn't wait anymore. In the passenger seat I had a bear with a note tucked into its jacket and a ring around the tag on its head. Madi opened the note that read "Madi will you marry me?" And turned around to find me down on a knee.

Why the driveway? Because that's where our real future began together. Our first home together. Where we learned the most about each other. Where we built our love. She said "YES" with tears rolling down her face (kinda upset at me because it ruined her makeup lol. Not really upset that's just always the joke between the 2 of us.).

Ethan says everyone thought they were crazy, barely knowing each other and jumping in head first and so fast. "I knew it was right," he said. "I knew she was the one from the beginning. My forever and always."

With a whirlwind start to their relationship like that, it's no surprise Ethan's emotions were on display on their wedding day at the Rock Barn in Henrietta. When we asked Ethan what was running through his head as he waited for his bride to appear he said, "At that very moment there were no true 'thoughts.' My mind was roughly the consistency of scrambled eggs and all over the place."

"'Do I look okay? Is she gonna be happy with how I look? I don't want all these people to see me cry. I think I used too much hair gel. This morning she was my fiancé and in the next 5 minutes she's going to be my wife. I hope she still loves me. I don't want her to think I'm weak when I bust out in tears. I hope someone else cries too so I'm not the only one.' Those were the thoughts running through my head," Ethan said.

Then, Madison's song came on (A Thousand Years) and Ethan says he started to lose it. "I felt the tears coming, the shaking in the knees," he said. "Just imagining what my soon to be wife was going to look like as she was headed down the aisle with both of her dads. Then, she made the corner down the aisle and I looked her dead in the eyes and I lost it. I fought falling down," Ethan continued.

"It was the cutest, most sentimental groom reaction I've ever shot," said wedding photographer Shannon Lemons. "When you just know in your heart and soul that the groom's reaction to his bride is gonna be amazing, you step out of your comfort and video it!" Lemons posted to her Facebook page.

As for Madison's perspective, she says it was the best feeling in the world. "I only saw him in that room full of people," she said. "I couldn't hear the music, nothing." Madison says that she and Ethan are extremely attached to each other and words just can't accurately describe how that moment felt for her. "I tried, but it's something that words just can't make happen," she said.

Ethan says he was finally able to pull it together long enough to get through the ceremony, all the while never losing focus on his lovely bride, whispering "I love you" every three seconds just loud enough for her to hear.

Ethan and Madison, the unmistakable true love you two share is evident. Here's to growing old togehter!

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