In anticipation of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past', Empire Magazine has revealed 25 variant covers of their upcoming issue, featuring the director, past and future versions of characters, and even a character not in the movie anymore.

'Days of Future Past' is a film that not many X-Men fans thought they'd ever see.  A beloved comic story arc from 1981, DOFP is about a dystopian future (2013) where Kitty Pride transfers her consciousness to her 1980 self in order to prevent the assassination of Senator Kelly, a tragedy that instigated the anti-mutant movement which led to mutant concentration camps in the future.  The film adaptation instead features Wolverine as the central character, with his consciousness jumping from the future to the past.

The first taste of this film was in the post-credit sequence of 'The Wolverine' where Logan encounters Magneto who has his powers back and Xavier who is not dead anymore, much to Logan's surprise.  The new film is set to unite the casts from the original trilogy and the prequel 'First Class' film, though aspects of 'First Class' did counteract the events of the original trilogy.  And instead of the assassination of Senator Kelly, promotional material indicate it will center around the assassination of President Kennedy.

After checking out the pictures, there are a few questions that need to be asked:

  1. At what point will Wolverine get his adamantium claws back?  His claws were cut off in and grew back as his bone claws, which can be seen in the "Past Wolverine" cover.
  2. Did no one tell Empire that Anna Paquin/Rogue was cut out of the movie?
  3. Why is past Xavier not in his wheelchair?

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