With X-Men: Days of Future Past on the horizon, a brilliant marketing campaign has been launched looking into Magneto’s involvement in the JFK assassination.

An abandoned plot idea from the first film, the idea of Magneto using his mutant abilities to alter the trajectory of Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullet, resulting in the long-debated “magic bullet” theory, has been brought back as a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming film.  The Bent Bullet retells the events surrounding and since the Kennedy assassination, discussing Magneto’s alleged involvement in the assassination, the fate of two of his fellow mutants from the first film, his capture and resulting secret trial, his knowledge of the real shooter (saying that the real shooter was not Oswald, but he knows who it is and she has the ability to hide in plain sight), and his imprisonment since (altering the cannon story of the original X-Men films).

The website is an intriguing, if not slightly disturbing, alternate look at an American tragedy that has greatly done its job in increasing my already peaked interest in the upcoming film.  But the question should be asked, is it in bad taste to use the 50th anniversary of such a tragic event as advertising?