America witnessed a historic presidential debate on Monday night. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in one of the most interesting appearances between candidates in history.

The Gregory Brothers must have gotten some inspiration from watching the spectacle. They are best known as the Songified guys. Not only did they release their sing-along version of the debate, but they decided to do a little bit more.

In 1960, the world of presidential elections changed forever. The candidates were brought right into our living rooms as John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon took part int the very first debate to be broadcast on television.

Famously, the world saw a calm, camera-ready Kennedy as the winner and Nixon looked sweaty and uncomfortable. It changed modern elections forever, making television a central factor and a candidates appearance as important as their policies.

What if Donald Trump was able to take his 2016 knowledge and go back to the future to 1960. He's a reality TV star. He knows how to perform for a camera. How would his debate skills have held up against JFK and Nixon?

Check out the video above and see it for yourself. Also, make sure to check out the songified version of the first Clinton/Trump debate to get your sing-along recap.