By now, we all pretty much know that there's one thing we can look forward to any time Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton get on the same stage. We know that the guys from schmoyoho will turn it all into a great sing-along video!

This time, they get a little Hollywood star-power to help them out. No, not Ken Bone, although he does of course make an appearance. Joseph Gordon-Levitt steps in as a moderator and shows off his vocal ability as the 2nd Presidential Debate gets songified.

The first debate had a catchy hook, but this one has a lot more dancing.Their vocals may not be as good as when the debate was turned into a duet from 'Dirty Dancing,' but this song uses the actual words the candidates said to create the whole thing.

If you are wanting just a little more songify action, check this out. The Vice Presidential debate also has been turned to song, and there's no way that the 'small potatoes' hook won't get stuck in your head.