I have to admit, when I saw this photo, I was shocked. If it is REAL, it's one of the most amazing photos I've ever seen in my life.  The photo looks like the earth is going to be swallowed up by an ocean from another world. It is really quite impressive, and it's hard to believe that Theresa Lucas didn't even notice how amazing the sky was when she was getting ready to take the photo, but that's what happened.

Theresa Lucas of Bemidji, Minnesota says she was just driving and held up her phone with her right hand and just snapped the photo of the sky during a storm, and when she got home and looked at it, realized just how amazing it was.

I believe she only took one photo, and apparently other people in the area are verifying the storms that were going through Bemidji at the time. According to the news Interview I watched, Theresa said she doesn't really care what people are saying. She took the picture rather quickly and then put her phone away. It's real. (So there). Do people not get Minnesota Nice?

She said that the PICTURE looks way scarier than the SKY did while she was taking the photo, but once she looked at it, she couldn't believe how it turned out.

Teresa Lucas, Facebook
Theresa Lucas, Facebook

There are lots of people that are skeptical of the photo, saying that she altered the picture with a computer program. She says that the photo is legit. I believe her. It's sort of an optical illusion.

What do you think? Is it possible that she photo-shopped the picture and then sent it out for the world to see? (Does anyone really think that they can do that these days?} I believe Theresa when she says, she just held up her camera and captured this incredible moment; and I for one am thankful that she shared it with the world!  Thank you for sharing this amazing bit of weather, Theresa.

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