I officially made it everybody! I was on Channel 2.

In case you did not know this, I attended Midwestern State University. Graduated in 2012 and did my internship right here at 92.9 NIN. I actually had an intern this past month and you may have heard her the past few weeks on NIN. Sadly, her internship came to an end last week. Before it ended, she asked me to come be a part of her broadcast class on campus.

The broadcast media class is one I also took at Midwestern State. However, I did not have the beautiful new Mass Communications building. This was my first chance to check it out and I was quite impressed. I was a part of the weekly Mustang News on MSU channel 2. My intern Halie was behind the camera during the interview, Mia Heck was the one conducting the interview.

If you don't know my whole history here on NIN, you learn a lot during this. For instance, why are you still an intern? You sound a lot like that guy on 106.3 the Buzz? What are some of your favorite radio moments? What should someone who is interested in radio be prepared for?

It was a quick interview and I loved being a part of it. Thank you to Mia Peck, My Intern Halie, the entire Mustang News Class and a massive shout out to Lisa Thames. She saved my butt far too many times in college and was kind enough to let me use this interview. You rule Lisa!

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