I was honestly shocked when I won. I know everyone says that, but I really was.

Relay for Life is an annual event that raises money for cancer research. So many different ways to raise money went down on Friday night at Relay for Life Under the Big Top in Wichita Falls. You could do laps for money, silent auctions, I even heard about a hot wing eating contest. I took part in the lip-sync competition. Yes, just like the Lip Sync Battle show.

Basically, everybody would perform their songs and afterwards you would put money into a bucket of who you thought was the best. Everyone's buckets had their photo on it and 300 dollars was raised just in the lip sync battle. Five different people competed, including me. There was one group that performed, that I thought deserved to win honestly.

So what songs did Eric the Intern perform? My first song was Maroon 5's 'Sugar'. I catch myself singing to that one all the time, so why not perform it in front of everybody? I will be completely honest, I thought I was bombing. Then, this little girl named Briana (I pray I spelled her name right) came up and started dancing to the song and saved my performance. I also want to thank the lovely ladies from AT&T for helping me out.

Everyone performed two songs. For my second one, I decided to throw it back with some Spice Girls 'Wannabe'. Yes, I am a Spice Girls fan, judge me all you want for it. I Don't care. Briana joined me on stage for this entire song and I think this one went a lot smoother.

After everyone performed, the buckets were counted. I somehow placed first and raised $137. The final total for the night was $106,943.

I received an awesome trophy which will stay in the studio with me at all times. I tried to give it to Briana, but she said I won it, not her. She was the most polite kid I have ever met in my life. Thanks, Briana, you rule.