Hoping to dupe the citizens of a small town in Texas, a couple of pranksters built a fake UFO and flew it over the town. 

I have to give these guys credit for their originality. Out of all the pranks I’ve seen over the years, this is a first for me. 

How they did it was they placed a drone inside two umbrellas and tied them together. Upon testing their mini-UFO to verify it would fly, they found that it worked better than they thought it would. 

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Our pranksters then attached lights to it in an attempt to make it even more convincing. At that point, it was time to take their concoction into town to see how folks reacted to it. 

Was anyone fooled by the UFO? 

The citizens of the unidentified town were more amused by it than anything else. And they certainly weren’t fooled. 

The thing I find mindboggling is all the hate the video generated (not that the fine folks of Reddit being hateful is the least bit shocking). But people were literally commenting that they hate people like the guys who built the UFO. 

I never got the impression that the guys were doing anything other than having a little fun. And it certainly doesn’t appear they were trying to cause people to panic. 

So maybe the people on Reddit need to lighten up a bit. To quote the late, great George Carlin, “Calm down, have some dip.”

Building a fake UFO and flying it over a small town in Texas
by u/Nexcyus in ThatsInsane

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