Well, what do we have here? 

I’ll readily admit to being obsessed with the paranormal, particularly UFOs. It’s been that way for me for as long as I can remember. 

I will consume any sort of UFO-related content in a heartbeat. I could go down that rabbit hole online and stay there for hours.

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And the subreddit r/UFOs is one of my favorite rabbit holes. I highly advise you to subscribe if you’re a UFO nerd like me. 

Just a few days ago, a user uploaded a video of mysterious lights that were spotted between Odessa and Midland at about 8:45 p.m. The user said the lights seemed to be moving in an East-Northeast direction. 

Upon seeing the video, I first thought that maybe it was a drone. And there are people commenting on the video that seem to believe it could be as well. 

But I’m not convinced that’s the case. 

The way the lights move makes me think of how the folks who witnessed the Stephenville lights describe them. It’s almost as if the lights are going in a circular motion around the aircraft (Side note: If you haven’t seen the Netflix docuseries Encounters, the episode on the Stephenville lights is fascinating). 

According to the comments on the video, many people have been seeing the same type of lights over the last ten years. So, who knows? Maybe those mysterious lights will make an appearance in your neck of the woods at some point.

Strange lights over West Texas
byu/Odd_Stress_7615 inUFOs

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