While it was reported that the director and writer of the upcoming ‘Fast and Furious’ film had decided to retire Paul Walker’s character out of respect for the deceased actor, the writer is saying no plans have been made.

IGN spoke with ‘Fast 7’ writer Chris Morgan who admitted that there is no official decision on the fate of Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Connor,

I mean at this point, everyone took a break and we're having time to grieve.  And now everyone is coming together, linking arms and trying to figure out what the best way forward is. And that's kind of the stage we're at right now. Everyone is motivated to make it something special and move forward in the right way.

Morgan also said he saw the reports talking about retiring the character, but doesn’t know where that came from, saying that all possibilities are still open.  Morgan went on to comment on the shake-up from Walker’s death, not just on the film project but to those who worked with him,

It's something no one ever expected. Especially Paul. It's like, everyone comments on this because it's true: I don't know anybody else that after they pass only good stories come out. Name one bad one, there's none. Because the guy...I mean I would go to dinner with him and the wait staff would come over and he would engage in thirty minute conversations with them. I've seen actors do that before where they're being polite. He was not that way. He was genuinely engaged and laughing. I mean an incredible guy, an incredible guy.