Sadly, a little piece of all of our childhoods is going away. The Wichita Falls Toys R Us, like every Toys R Us, is going to be closing for good. Here are five things that I would like to see replace it.

We have to look to the future and here are some potential things I would like to see our city get. A lot of people complain about lack of things for kids to do in our city so a lot of my ideas are in that category, especially since we're losing a childhood icon like Toys R Us.

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    Main Event

    If you're going to close down a kids place, might as well replace it with something else for kids. Main Event has everything for the kids. Bowling, laser tag, arcade, zip lines and mini golf. Adults can enjoy karaoke, pool, and a bar is usually apart of it as well.

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    Dave and Busters

    I don't think our town could support a Dave and Busters year round, but I would do my best to keep it in business. Dave and Busters is basically an adult Chuck E. Cheese. With that location near MSU, it could do quite well.

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    Movie Tavern or Studio Movie Grill

    I personally prefer Movie Tavern, but I would be down with either. Let's face it, some of our theaters are in need of serious upgrades. I don't get how Lawton has IMAX screens and we don't. The least we could do is get a Movie Tavern. Then again, everyone complained when Cinemark announced alcohol, so maybe our town doesn't want this. I do!

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    Yeah, I know it's a grocery store, and we already have a lot of those, but I hear how great these are in Texas and people asking why don't we have one in Wichita Falls. I think this place could print money if it opened up a location here.

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    Indoor Paintball

    A nice indoor paintball place would be pretty sweet. I used to love paintballing, but I could not imagine doing that in the heat of Wichita Falls summers. All your gear on, in 100-plus temperatures? No thanks. So get a nice air-conditioned setup. I would like something in the video featured here where it is a multi-level facility. I have never played on one of those so it would be cool to see one in Wichita Falls.

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