Please do not tell me you actually believed Justin Bieber was being considered for the role of Robin in the Superman/Batman film.

Yesterday, millions of Beliebers were trolled into believing their idol had been cast in, or was at least being considered for, the role of Robin in Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" follow-up by posting a photo of his supposed script with "#Robin". But when you take a moment to think about it, this is clearly a fake.

  1. The script doesn't even exist yet! When Snyder revealed the premise of the film at San Diego Comic Con, he said that they were currently writing the script. It is far too soon for the script to be done. Also, the script shows the title to be "Batman vs. Superman", which has yet to be announced as the official title of the film. "Batman vs. Superman" and "Superman vs. Batman" are two of several rumored titles going around, but neither Warner Bros. nor Zack Snyder have confirmed any title for the film. Also, the script would not have any actor's name stamped on the front.
  2. The script cover states that its based on "Batman: The Dark Knight Falls" by Frank Miller and Klaus Jansen. "The Dark Knight Falls" is the title of a single comic book issue, part of Frank Miller's story "The Dark Knight Returns", which was referenced at Comic Con as inspiration for the film, openly saying its not a direct adaptation. No comic book script has ever been based on a single issue. The film would only be 20 minutes long. Plus, Robin in "The Dark Knight Returns" was a 13-year-old girl.
  3. Hours before the posting of the picture, Bieber tweeted that he was on his way to film something for the website "Funny or Die". Coincidence? Possible. Pretense for a joke? Most likely.
  4. The picture is obviously photoshopped. You don't need experience with photoshop to look at this picture and say, "Something doesn't look right." For example, the lighting is off when you compare the lighting that Bieber's in to the lighting the script is in, supposedly only a foot away at most.
  5. Most importantly, this is Justin Bieber! Why in the name of Bob Kane would anyone cast Justin Bieber, and unproven actor, in a role as iconic as Robin, in a movie as important as this? You think there was backlash when Ben Affleck was announced as Batman? I can guarentee you that casting Bieber in this role would be business suicide for a major studio like Warner Bros. Let's face it, apart from Bieber's fan base, he's not well liked. And Beliebers are not the target audience/demographic for a movie like this.

So everyone can calm down, there's no danger of Bieber showing up on the big screen as Ben Affleck's Boy Wonder.

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