There are probably quite a few things people in Wichita Falls should stop doing, but I feel like these are a few things we can all get behind.

People in Wichita Falls really need to stop...

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    Complaining About the Heat

    This doesn't go for just Wichita Falls, but all of Texas. Yeah, it's the summer. We know it's hot. We don't need the daily reminder about this.

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    Not Trying a Red Draw

    I was on the fence about these drinks as well. Tomato juice and beer. Get the hell out of here. It seems like we always have a struggle trying to get a newbie to try one. Once you try it, they start to get addicting.

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    Complaining That You have Nothing to Do

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    Griping About Lack of Concerts, But Don't Go When We Get Concerts

    Working in radio, I hear this one more than anything. When are we getting another concert? I'm right there with you, man. However, when we do get a concert, those crowds are not there. If we packed those venues when the shows get booked, we would get more concerts. I PROMISE YOU!

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    Moaning About Traffic

    I want to slap anyone in the face that complains of traffic in this town. 'The backup on Kemp is terrible.' Really?! Did you make it home in eight minutes instead of six? Shut up, this town is so traffic low it is ridiculous.