Thanks to social media, a young Texas boy has been reunited with his lost teddy bear.

Five-year-old Ezekiel Burnett lost his teddy bear last November, when he was traveling with his family from Milwaukee to Dallas-Fort Worth, during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. While waiting to board the flight, Ezekiel was tossing his stuffed animal in the air.  Ezekiel threw his bear so high up that it, it became lodged in the rafters. Shortly after getting stuck in the rafters, Ezekiel and his parents boarded their flight back home.  Since their plane was about to leave, there was nothing his parents could do.

While Ezekiel and his family flew back to Texas, the teddy bear remained in Wisconsin. The young child was heartbroken, and cried during a majority of the flight. Ezekiel he was very attached to the stuffed animal, and did not want to leave him behind at the airport.

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Last month, the bear unexpectedly fell from the rafters at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport. When the airport’s staff found the bear, they wanted to reunite it with its rightful owner. However, they did not know who the stuffed animal belonged to, or where it even came from, so the airport’s staff turned to social media for help.

Over the next couple of months, multiple posts were made across several different social media sites.  Eventually, Ezekiel’s parents found out that their child’s teddy bear had been located by the airport in Milwaukee.

Last Tuesday, Southwest Airlines came to the rescue, and flew the Barnett family to Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, so that Ezekiel could finally be reunited with his teddy bear.

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