The student who was allegedly attacked was able to identify one person and it was his former teammate.

This past Saturday (March 3), an attack happened at one of the on-campus dorms of Midwestern State University. The victim heard a knock and saw through his peephole his teammate Marcus Ray Reynolds Junior. The victim opened the door and was then rushed by what he says was three to four people. He said it happened so fast that he didn't recognize anybody else.

He was sure that Marcus was a part of the beating that lasted a little over thirty seconds. The victim has several injuries to his body and face from the attack. A warrant was issued this past Monday for the arrest of Marcus. He was booked later that day in the Wichita County jail on a burglary charge.

As of noon Thursday, Reynolds is still in the Wichita County Jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond. He is also wanted for robbery, assault, and obstruction of an officer in Georgia.

Marcus Reynolds no longer appears on the roster for the Midwestern State Mustangs football team.

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