A new restaurant is slowly expanding across Texas and I don't think a lot of people have heard about it.

Here in Wichita Falls, when I say Bombshells you probably think of a certain strip club. Turns out, Bombshells is also a restaurant chain. It is a military themed breastaurant. No joke, this place literally took over an old breastaurant called Redneck Heaven. I will defend many of these places when it comes to their food.

I will stand by Hooters Wings and Bone Daddies BBQ all day. However Redneck Heaven and Twin Peaks suck. No one is going there for the food. So is this new place any good? Let me just say, if you like to eat the portions are ridiculous here.

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I will say, I did get the biggest appetizer called The Battalion. Comes with fried pickles, egg rolls, cheese sticks that were covered in flaming hot cheeto dust, chicken tenders, and fried jalapenos. I don't like pickles, so everything in there was good in my book. The chicken tenders were actually legit, you would think it would be some frozen kids tender for an appetizer. I would actually just get an order of those again.

We had four people in our group so that was a good way to start. Since it was my first time here, I did not know how big things were. I got a pizza, my friend got wings so he could compare them to Hooters. My other friend got Captain Crunch coated chicken tenders, yeah that was a thing we had to try and finally someone else got pasta.

Let me just say, I messed up on getting a pizza. It was legit a large pizza that took up half the table. I was expecting like a personal or medium sized thing. You could just order this and be good for the meal. The Captain Crunch chicken tenders were..interesting. It was not bad just imagine a sugary chicken tender. I would say if you're craving something sweet give it a try.

I did not try any of the pasta, but I did want one wing. We ordered their hottest sauce and I will say it is not the spiciest sauce I have ever had. However, that flavor lingers with you. It's a spice that won't go away. I would compare their wings to Wingstop, so if you like those give them a try.

If you need a place to go before a Rangers or Cowboys game, give it a shot. It's literally a two minute drive from the stadium. Be sure you come hungry though.

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