With the tensions among fans over the upcoming 'Ghostbusters' reboot steadily on the rise, reboot director Paul Feig chummed the waters even more by blasting upset fans on Twitter.

Ever since the announcement of a 'Ghostbusters' reboot, fans of the original films have been divided over the news.  Some are excited for a few film and optimistic about the cast while others worry that rebooting the film with this cast isn't the way to go.  Much attention was garnered when Feig announced an all-female cast, though much of the media attention of those on the opposing side focused on the sexist and misogynistic view points.

Earlier today, Feig took to Twitter to express his frustrations at the negative comments, telling fans that enough is enough,

And after this tweet and the resulting replies, Feig posted on Twitter again, this time going for the throat,

The loudest and rudest comments always get the most attention, just look at politics.  And there's no doubt that the trolling from rude followers has taken its toll on Feig.  Apart from the rude comments that got the most attention, common complaints against the film are concerns over the quality of the cast, saying they aren't worthy successors to the original crew, concern that the gender of the crew will become a major plot point of the new film, and the general state of reboots in Hollywood today, usually they end up paling in comparison to its original.

Feig does have a valid point, that we as fans have no idea what the movie will be like, but does that mean we can't judge it yet?  Sure, waiting until seeing the final product is best, but look at a batter heading up to the plate in a baseball game.  You won't know for certain how he/she will hit until it happens, but you have stats that tell you how this person performed in various other circumstances.  You can look at their stats and their batting average and get an idea of how they will perform.  If you have a batter with a mediocre average, you're probably not going to expect much out of them.  Sure, they might shock everyone and knock one out of the park, but the odds are against it.  The same thing can be applied to movies.  You won't know for sure how a movie will be until you see it in the theater, but if you look at what the director and cast has done in the past, especially if they've all worked together before, you can get a good idea of what to expect in their next at bat.

So, what do you think about the pending reboot?  Excited for it?  Concerned over the cast or crew?  Let us know in the comments!