Outside of Prosser Washington, there is a spooky little hill that some think might be haunted. It's called Gravity Hill and it literally takes control of your car and pushes it uphill without any help from the engine.

Gravity Hill has become a local legend and a must-do around these parts. Folks have traveled from far and wide to experience the creepiness of the hill.

Here is how the hill works. There is a start line that is chalked in at the bottom of the hill so you know where to start. You put your car in neutral and Gravity Hill takes over. You sit in your vehicle and the hill will push you up the hill without any help - pretty spooky huh?

There are a bunch of videos proving that Gravity Hill is a real phenomenon and a lot of the locals swear that the old grain elevator at the bottom of Gravity Hill is haunted.

I've enclosed one such video showing how Gravity Hill works...pretty creepy huh?

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Some legends say if you put powder on the back of your vehicle, little kid handprints will appear.

Some say it's an optical illusion but I guess only the ghosts that live there really know for sure.

If you are looking for something fun to do, go experience Gravity Hill.

It'll take a little work to find the Hill but Google Maps will help. Gravity Hill is about 10-15 miles north of Prosser out on Crosby Road.

I've enclosed the Google Map link here if you dare try this spooky experience.

Have fun and beware of things that go bump in the night.

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