Whataburger is slowly expanding to other states and many are getting their first tastes of what we all know to well in Texas. Whataburger is the best.

Don't worry if you ever decide to leave Texas, Whataburger is moving into other states. Whataburger currently has locations in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. My man here Josh Pray from Florida, got his first taste of Whataburger this past week when he visited Houston.

How good can it be? Well, Josh goes into amazing detail over how good his first Whataburger is. My favorite line, 'If hamburgers are made in heaven, this is what Jesus is cooking on the grill.' Josh, I think a lot of Texans would agree to that statement. Josh, don't worry, Whataburger is now in Florida. May have to drive a bit to find the closest one to you. You know that trip is gonna be worth it.

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