It seems we're doing everything in the virtual world these days. Want to talk to a friend face to face? Face Time. Need to call an all hands on deck office meeting? Zoom. Want to go to a concert? Watch it on Facebook Live. Even exercise is moving into the virtual world with group class instructors leading their classes in live videos from home.

It's all in the name of proper social distancing and flattening the curve of COVID-19 spread. That's why the Healthy Kids Running Series for 2020 is moving into the virtual world. Your kid can still participate and get most of the benefits of this five week series, they'll just do it from the safety of your own yard or street.

Tammy Roe, the Healthy Kids Running Series Coordinater for Wichita Falls says,

As families navigate through this new norm of social distancing, we want to encourage kids to lead an active healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s running in their yard or around the block, we want kids to continue to be active while avoiding potential contact with the COVID-19. Our races are always kid focused with the ultimate goal of teaching children how to be active and healthy while creating meaningful relationships within our community. This is a unique opportunity to be connected and engaged with participants while separate.

The program kicks off on Friday, April 17th, with age appropriate race distances and kids competing each week on a course of their own choosing. With a little help and encouragement from mom and dad.

What about T-Shirts and Medals? I'm glad you asked. Those will be handled when the time is appropriate and safe, and all participating kids will get an invitation.

The Healthy Kids Running Series impacts more than 60,000 youth runners in 300+ communities across the United States and is open to kids from 2 to 14 years old. The series helps the kids believe in themselves and learn to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Registration for the five week virtual series is $35, you can learn more on the Healthy Kids Running Series website, or by following the Wichita Falls Healthy Kids Running Series on Facebook.

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