A door-to-door meat salesman was caught on video slamming into a parked car in the Lake Wellington area of Wichita Falls and leaving the scene Monday afternoon.

According to the homeowner, who sent us the video footage seen above, the suspect had been selling steaks out of his truck to his neighbor across the street on Wakefield Lane around 4:00 p.m.

The video shows the suspect get into his truck and back up out of the driveway across the street, hitting the parked white car.

Then, likely noticing that the neighbor had seen what happened, the suspect got out of his truck and walked up to the house where the car was parked and knocked on the door. The homeowner says that when he answered, the man simply tried to sell him steaks and did not mention anything about the car he just hit out front. After an unsuccessful sale, the suspect leaves the scene.

Last summer, authorities warned residents of a possible door-to-door meat sale scam in Texoma involving trucks with white freezers in the back, very similar to the one driven by the suspect in this case.

WFPD hit and run investigators are currently investigating the offense and are searching for an older white male driving a red pickup truck, possibly a Chevy Silverado. If you have any information about this individual, contact the WFPD at (940) 720-5000. If you would like to remain anonymous you can always contact Crime Stoppers at 322-9888.

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