Two different police departments in Oklahoma are warning people to be on alert about a possible scam involving door-to-door meat sales.

Law enforcement has received reports of questionable activity in multiple Oklahoma counties, and there's been unverified reports of the same type of trucks seen in the Wichita Falls, TX area.

They say that people have reported trucks driving around with chest freezers in the back claiming to be from a meat company in Oklahoma City. According to News 9, drivers were seen looking into the windows of homes and giving questionable stories when confronted.

Police in Custer County, Oklahoma pulled over a driver after a report of her becoming hostile when homeowners asked her to leave. The woman claimed to be from the Texas Choice Meat Company but told police she wasn't selling anything, just 'hanging out.' She ended up getting ticketed for having expired tags on the vehicle and an expired license.

The police say that if you are approached by someone like this, or any door-to-door salesperson, be sure to use caution and not reveal too much personal information. If you ask them to leave and they won't, call 911.


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