If you’ve ever felt like you got shorted when your steak came out of the kitchen at a restaurant, you’ll probably wish you did what this guy did.

This actually happened about a month ago, but it’s just now going viral. Tone Chacon posted a picture on Facebook of the 6 oz. steak he had ordered at Texas Roadhouse sitting on a scale that showed the weight to actually be just over 3.5 oz.

According to BroBible, Chacon was out for his birthday dinner at a location in Colorado when he ordered the steak. After getting it, he thought it was too small so he went out to his vehicle and grabbed a digital scale from his toolbox and sure enough, it wasn’t anywhere near 6 oz.

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He did, however, end up getting a 6 oz. steak out of the deal. So, good on Texas Roadhouse for going the extra mile, because 6 oz. is the pre-cooked weight of the steak. It looks like his is well done, so of course, it’s going to be much lighter in weight.

A lot of people on Facebook are criticizing Chacon, calling it a “Karen” move. On the other hand, you have others defending him for holding Texas Roadhouse accountable.

Me personally, I hate the term “Karen,” so I’m not going there. But, as someone who has worked in restaurants and even did a stint in quality control at a food processing plant, I’m on the side of Texas Roadhouse here. Like I said earlier, the advertised weight of 6 oz. is the pre-cooked weight, so technically, they didn’t owe him anything.

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