Ever see something to good to be true? Yeah some folks were going into restaurants claiming they had a free meal for two and Texas Roadhouse had to issue a statement.

Every week we have a couple of scam stories. Already this morning we have another one involving scammers depositing money into your account using Venmo. This one however is dealing with a very popular restaurant that I know many people know and love. Texas Roadhouse. The scam claims simply by sharing a status, you get a free meal for two.

Don't get me wrong, Texas Roadhouse could do a giveaway similar to this. However, I don't think they would give away two dinners to LITERALLY EVERYONE who shared a status. I know what some of you're thinking, what could hurt from a share of a post? Well, you may not fall for the scam, but you're helping this reach more people.

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Also, the scammers can see who shares the post and then try to contact you through messenger. They say congrats you're a winner and ask you for personal information so they can send your voucher. The scam has reached so many people that Texas Roadhouse had to release the following statement:

There is a scam circulating on Facebook offering Texas Roadhouse meal vouchers and other benefits to our guests who share their posts. This account is attempting to gain access to personal information.
Texas Roadhouse posts will be sent from this page, which is facebook.com/texasroadhouse and has the blue verified check mark next to our name.
If you see a suspicious post in your News Feed offering free vouchers to Texas Roadhouse, please do not click on any links or share with your friends. We've reported the scammers and hopefully it'll be removed soon. We know this is causing confusion for our loyal guests and Roadies."
Let's take a look at the scam. This is a screenshot of what it looks like. The page is called Texas Roadhouse's and not Texas Roadhouse. Also in the sentence, Texas Roadhouse is not capitalized for some reason. Shares&Comments is not spaced out for some reason. Maybe because if it was shares & comments, Facebook would flag it?
Seriously though, don't fall for this. I know companies do giveaways on Facebook, but they would not give away two free dinners to literally everyone who simply shares a page.

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