The City of Houston needs to shut this road down now!

Keep Scrolling to Check Out this Crazy Hole in Houston

A new day and a new hole in Houston is going viral. A few months ago I did a story showing off how bad potholes are in Houston. One guy was able to stand in one and it went up to his waist! I guess the city of Houston will get to it when they get to it when these things happen, but homeowners shared some video of what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Houston Hole Causes Headaches Every Day

According to homeowners, they noticed water leaking out of the hole back at the end of August. Since then the hole has gotten bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER. As you can see, the City of Houston as set up basic traffic cones to let people know that the hole is there. The problem? The water causes the the cones to wash away and people go flying into the hole.

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Your standard truck or SUV can get through it if they go slow. Something like a Honda Civic could easily get stuck. Folks hauling something could have their load detach because of the sudden drop. Tow trucks in Houston right now are probably making some good money having to get people out of the hole. However, more damage is being done to folk's cars and the street itself as well.

Homeowners Want it Fixed Now!

The city needs to put up those high intensity traffic barrels around this thing and not some basic parking lot cones you see at a school pickup line. "I hope that the city is responsible, paying for the damages to these people's vehicles because they shouldn't have happened," local homeowner Rozanne Romero said. "They should have closed in the street and should work much faster than they did."

When you have a hole literally eating cars, it's time to put in the work to fix it or shut the street down.

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