Oh you don't remember? Homer Simpson is the proud owner of the Denver Broncos.

If you look up owner of the Denver Broncos you may see the name Pat Bowlen come up. That's is simply a lie, we all know that Hank Scorpio gave Homer Simpson the rights to the Denver Broncos back on November 3rd, 1996. Let me refresh your memory.

Never forget, Homer actually wanted to own the Dallas Cowboys. Sadly, he got a different team. However, ever since this episode has aired, the Denver Broncos have ALWAYS beaten the Dallas Cowboys. The Broncos are currently 8-0 against the Cowboys after yesterday's blowout.

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The last time the Cowboys beat the Broncos was all the way back in 1995. Maybe Homer Simpson in his role as owner has pushed the team to whoop up on the team that he could never get. I don't think he ever will either, Jerry would need a trillion dollars to even consider selling this team.

Another Simpsons fun fact for you, the Albuquerque Mayor does mention buying the Dallas Cowboys in season 12. He tried to buy the Springfield Isotopes (baseball team) and move them to Albuquerque. Unfortunately that didn't work out for him and he mentions wanting to buy the Dallas Cowboys. Even though they're a football team, he says, "They will play what I tell them to play".

All in all, just trying to find something positive after yesterday's ugly game. The Simpsons always put me in a good mood, so I hope that brings a little joy to your Monday.

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