Sooooooo my idea didn't get chosen. So allow me to be salty and give an honest reaction to the top ten names the WFISD selected.

So yesterday the names were released for all the names submitted for the two new Wichita Falls high schools. I was happy to see my submission for Tom Landry High School was on the list. Sadly, we didn't make the top ten. I really think it's a good idea, especially compared to the ten they settled on. So get ready Wichita Falls' kids, in 2024 you will going to one of these high schools.

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  • 1

    Memorial High School (West High School Name)

    Really Stepped out of the box on this one
  • 2

    Wichita Falls West High School (West High School Name) DUH!

    LAZY! Please do not do this!
  • 3

    Kell High School (West High School Name)

    Frank Kell also gets a school named after him
  • 4

    Unity High School (West School Name)

    At least I can say the name of this school like Rick James
  • 5

    Westview High School (West School Name)

    How can I make the idea of Wichita Falls West School 1% less lazy?
  • 6

    Legacy Park High School (East School Name)

    You know what? Don't mind this one
  • 7

    Wichita Falls East High School (East School Name) DUH!

    Once again DO NOT DO THIS!
  • 8

    Wichita Falls High School (East School Name)

    Is this really taking up a name submission slot?
  • 9

    Veterans High School (East School Name)

  • 10

    Summit High School (East School Name)

    Don't hate it. It has potential

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