Over the weekend, patrons at the Wichita Falls Hooters left a racist note directed towards their waitress that's received attention from even the company's CEO.

On Sunday, Elina Blackstone posted a picture to Facebook showing a note allegedly written on a receipt by one of her customers at Hooters, making a racial stereotype remark about Elina being Japanese,

At the time of this post, Elina's picture has been shared 225 times and has nearly 500 comments. The comments are mostly supportive of Elina, with some questioning the validity of the post in light of similar events being revealed as hoaxes.

In response to the incident, Hooters General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer Claudia Levitas issued a statement,

We were deeply troubled to learn of this customer's disgraceful language and the offensive note directed at Elina. It is sad that this type of behavior still exists. As soon as our managers found out about it yesterday, they comforted Elina and told her that we would ban the customers if they tried to return. Additionally, Hooters' CEO Terry Marks called Elina today to express his full support and to assure her that we don't tolerate that type of behavior.

According to KFDX, Elina immediately quit her job over the incident, but said that the restaurant's management was there for her and supportive.

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