I believe that the majority of people have a good opinion about their looks. That doesn't mean we are all gorgeous or handsome. Even the prettiest of people will nit-pick their own looks. How good looking are you really - according to science? There is a way to find out. Anaface is a program that takes your picture and analyzes it according to geometric proportions, size of your ears, mouth, and nose compared to the rest of your face and gives you a score based on some sort of ideal standard.

I scored an 8.13 out of 10 - and the program gives reasons like 'your ears are too long for your nose' (?) and 'your face has great horizontal symmetry'. It isn't an exact science though since you are the one who places the dots for the analyzing so you could easily slightly move the dots to get a better score .

Take it with a grain of salt though because we know this puppy is cute and only scored .11 out of 10! Still it is kind of fun to try. See how you score.