Amazon's new Dash Buttons can make things pretty easy. With just the push of a button, you can re-order things you use frequently. Need toilet paper, or tooth paste, or laundry detergent? Just tap the button and the order is placed and with Amazon Prime it's at your house with 2 day shipping.

But, what about those things you'd really like a button for? Imagine waking up on a hungover Sunday and just pushing a button to get a pizza delivered to your door! Now, there's a way!

Brody Berson found a way to hack an Amazon Dash Button to make it so that it automatically places an order with Domino's Pizza. This may be the greatest use for one of these things that you will ever see.

The set up takes a bit, but once done, imagine how lazy you can truly be! More info about how to do it yourself can be found here.