I'll admit that I'm pretty addicted to shopping at Amazon.com. I even buy my toilet paper online and, since I'm an Amazon Prime subscriber, in two days it arrives at my house with free shipping. It's convenient and easy, but it's also nice to know that with most of those purchases, I'm able to make a donation to Kidd's Kids! That's right, just by buying toilet paper I'm helping send kids on an amazing trip on Kidd's Kids Day!

You may not have realized it, but Amazon has a really cool program called Amazon Smile. Through Amazon Smile, every time you make an eligible purchase, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price to the charity of your choice. While that may just be pennies every time, that ads up and can end up contributing a lot of money to great causes.

To get started with Amazon Smile, just go to Smile.Amazon.com and sign in with your regular Amazon username and password. Next you will be asked to pick where you want your donations to go. There are many different option both locally and nationally. To pick Kidd's Kid's as yours, search for 'Kraddick Foundation dba Kidd's Kids'


After that, you just go about life like normal. Anytime you want to buy something on Amazon, you just need to make sure you are signed into the Smile side of the program. It's easy to tell by just looking at the top, left corner of your screen.


And just like that, you are able to help out make Kidd's Kids day possible without breaking the bank. It may only be a little at a time, but every little bit helps. Plus, when you make those weird impulse purchases, you can justify it by knowing it's for a good cause.