Kellie, will not only help the chosen few who wrote in, all of us could use the expert advice she is sharing on today's show.

Nate, her first listener to write in has an unusual situation, he admits to keeping tabs on his ex-girlfriend through Instagram. Nate makes a point of making sure it is well known that both of them have moved on. The real dilemma, happens to be that he has seen pictures of his ex and her new beau and find him to be less than attractive. Is he completely selfish in being happy this new guy is ugly is his opinion, or is it completely normal?

Kellie addresses this one and keeps it simple. Her advice, no it doesn't make you selfish and if it's not causing problems for anyone involved, let it go!

The second listener who wrote to Kellie does have a very valid question, one I believe we all have had some point in time. The listener divorced after 14 years of marriage and is now in a new relationship with a person she really cares about. The problem, with her otherwise "Mr. Perfect", is that he's driving her crazy by messaging and calling her all day long, even texting he misses her right after leaving their house.She is afraid of saying anything, she really thinks everything else with this guy is amazing and doesn't want to do something and take a chance in losing him.

Kellie and Jenna both agree that she needs to take a few steps back, for both of their sakes, she needs to take a breather. Like Kellie mentioned, if she doesn't take that time she will end up resenting him. If the listener cares genuinely for him, taking some time to see where things really are should be no big deal!

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