I hate this MLB lockout right now and I need some baseball in my life. So let's take a look back at Wichita Falls own team, The Spudders.


Baseball was a big part of my childhood. Considering the only professional sports team I had growing up was the Baltimore Orioles, I became a big fan. Fun fact, before the Orioles moved to Baltimore, they were the St. Louis Browns. Back in the day, the St. Louis Browns had a minor league affiliate right here in Wichita Falls called the Spudders.


Spudder Park still remains in Wichita Falls, but the stadium and team are no more. From 1920 to 1957 the Spudders called Wichita Falls, Texas home. Well, technically a few seasons the Spudders played elsewhere. In 1932, they moved to Longview Texas and became The Cannibals (What a name!). In 1955, the moved to Sweetwater, Texas and became the Sweetwater Spudders. After that, the team was no more.

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I happened to stumble upon a Wichita Falls Spudders Fan Page on Facebook that hasn't done any posting since 2017. Which is very odd because I found a Pecos League that was trying to bring The Spudders back to Wichita Falls that very year. I don't remember this at all and I was working for the radio station around that time.


They have an updated logo and uniforms for our team. Looks like they made an announcement on this possibly happening back in 2015, and they were supposed to start play in 2018? I literally don't remember this happening, but I would love a baseball team here. Could you imagine a baseball stadium where the hotel sits in front of the Falls. If we could somehow prevent that area from flooding, it would be perfect. Oh well, let's take a look back at some old school Spudder's photos while we have a MLB lockout going on.

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