This should spark some heated debate.

It goes without saying that we love our tacos here in Texas and just like everything else, we’re pretty particular about where we get them.

Personally, I’ve never had a taco I didn’t like. But I actually prefer classic fast-food tacos from places like Taco Casa and Taco Bueno.

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For a lot of other people, it’s all about the street tacos - and that’s where the debate really starts to heat up.

There’s a great selection of street tacos right here in Wichita Falls. I personally recommend El Norteno’s taco truck, but I’ve also heard some great things about Don Chuy’s.

I’ve had tacos from all over the state and I would put our local taco stands up against the best of them. So, I was intrigued when I saw that the lawn care website LawnStarter set out on a mission to determine which Texas city has the best tacos.

The researchers took into account several factors when reaching their conclusions:

We looked for cities with wide access to taquerias, National Taco Championships awards, high consumer ratings, and taco festivals. We even considered Google search volumes for “tacos” to gauge local taco love.

According to their findings, Wichita Falls has the 43rd best tacos out of the state’s 100 biggest cities. Hey, at least we’re in the upper half.

Overall, they found that Austin had the best tacos in the Lone Star State (if you happen to be in the Austin area, I highly recommend making the trip to Dripping Springs to give Raza’s Food Shack a try. Raza’s has some of the best breakfast tacos on the planet).

Top 10 Cities for Tacos in Texas

  1. Austin
  2. Round Rock
  3. Dallas
  4. San Antonio
  5. Houston
  6. Cedar Park
  7. San Marcus
  8. Amarillo
  9. Plano
  10. Grand Prairie

Get the full results of the study at this location.

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