Some people have anger issues no matter what the weather is, but some people could blame their sudden rage on a change in the weather.

Some people love the summer and some people hate the summer. Hate to say this, but if you hate a hot summer, you may want to move from Wichita Falls. It can be brutal here on some days. That heat may also make you a tad bit more aggressive according to the new "heat hypothesis".

The hypothesis states that hot summer temperatures lead to an increase in heart rate and testosterone, leaving people more inclined to fight. This does not mean you have an excuse to start a Mortal Kombat tournament here in Wichita Falls. Just be aware the reason that maybe you're more irritable is because of the hotter temperatures.

When people experience discomfort due to something they have no control over, it makes them angry, another theory suggests. If you think this is you, take a breath and try to stay cool this summer.

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