Got a gift card or two stashed away? Today is the day to knock the dust off and use it because today, January 18th, 2020, is National Use Your Gift Card Day.

That's right, the third Saturday in January has been set aside to put all of those gift cards we got over the holidays to good use. The first step is usually remembering where you stashed it. Check places like your purse or wallet, your junk drawer, your glove compartment, your other junk drawer, you get the idea.

Once you've tracked it/them down you'll want to get maximum value so do a quick online search to see what special deals are in effect. Having small balances left on your cards means you'll probably never fully utilize it so plan to overspend the amount. Be sure to ask if coupons can be used in conjunction with your cards, that can sometimes make them go much farther than you'd expect.

If you ended up with a store gift card at a store you wouldn't shop at in a million years, try trading it to someone who would, chances are somebody else got a card they'll never use and would love the trade.If you still can't use it, you could always donate your card to a charity fundraiser.

So you say you've never heard of National Use Your Gift Card Day before? That's not surprising, this is its first year.

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