Think you handle pound after pound of food? Then test your stomach at the toughest food challenges in Texas.

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Rules are simple, you must have to eat at least eight pounds of food and your challenge must be located in Texas. One that people maybe looking for is the famous 72 oz steak challenge in Amarillo. That is only five pounds of food you have to eat in total. So we're truly going for mass here.

Yummy Pho & Bo Ne's (Pearland and Katy, Texas)

Two pounds of noodles, Two pounds of meat, and the big problem is the broth. With everything, this challenge comes out to ten pounds of food that you have to finish in 45 minutes. You do get $200 if you finish it though.

El Nayarita (Houston, Texas)

Time is the reason this one is so difficult, but you do get help. Three people are allowed to finish nine pounds of food. The seafood platter has lobster, prawns, shrimp, crab legs, tilapia, rice, bread, and sauce. You have TWENTY minutes to finish everything. If you do, meal is free and everyone that competed gets a $50 gift card.

Kenjo's BBQ (Brazoria, Texas)

The problem with this challenge is the homemade bun they put the sandwich on. That thing is THICK. Not only do you have to eat the massive bun, but the seven pounds of BBQ sandwiched in between. It also has coleslaw, cheese, tomatoes, and onions. Free meal and t-shirt if you finish it.

Joe Taco's (Amarillo, Texas)

This is the Chupacabra Burrito and may have the greatest prize for a food challenge in the state of Texas. If you finish this eight pound burrito (no time limit, you just can't leave your seat) you get your meal for free with a t-shirt. If that wasn't enough, Joe Taco's gives you a free meal every week the rest of your life.

Bistro B (Dallas, Texas)

This one is similar to the pho challenge I mentioned earlier, but at a completely different restaurant. You actually get double the time at this location, but the amount of food is still massive at ten pounds. You still win $200, however at Bistro B it's a gift card and not cash.

Juan In a Million (Austin, Texas)

Above is a Don Juan Taco, which by itself weighs one pound. However to complete the challenge you must eat at least 9 1/4 tacos to beat the men's record. Ladies, your record is currently set at five and 1/4 tacos. Free meal and t-shirt if you beat the record.

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Obviously, Texas is home to MANY more food challenges. However, these are considered the top five hardest in the state. You want to prove that you have the biggest stomach? Knock out any of these for Lonestar bragging rights.

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